Senior Bowl: North Team Practice Page

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Tony Pauline

Draft Analyst Writer

Day to day practice breakdowns of all the players on the Senior Bowl’s North squad.


Name: C.J. Beathard

School: Iowa

Ht: 6025

Wt: 219

Arm: 31

Hand: 9 1/8



Tues: Beathard had an average day Tuesday, especially compared to his position-mates. He missed a few throws and didn't show great ball placement, but he generally stayed composed and showed command of the offense.

Wed: Beathard showed average arm strength and accuracy, including a tendency to hit receivers where they were and not where they were going. He was flat-footed in the pocket under pressure but showed the awareness to throw the ball away when nothing was open.

Thurs: Beathard showed enough arm to handle the light wind at Ladd-Peebles on Thursday, but he still shorted a few intermediate and deep passes, including a bad interception in the end zone. He was accurate in the short field, showing an ability to put balls low in tight coverage where only his receiver could catch it.


Analysis: Beathard didn’t stand out during Senior Bowl practices, but he was still the second-best quarterback on the North roster. He showed enough arm to handle the light wind during Thursday’s practice and average ball placement, putting the ball on receivers rather than in front of them. He maintained composure in the pocket and command of the offense, but his footwork within the pocket left something to be desired.


Name: Sefo Liufau

School: Colorado

Ht: 6033

Wt: 240

Arm: 33

Hand: 10 7/8



Tues: Liufau had a rough Day 1 in every way. He had major accuracy issues at all levels of the field, struggled to drive passes outside the hash marks and didn't react well to pressure, showing limited movement skills when the pocket crumbled around him.

Wed: Liufau’s struggles continued, as his ball placement was all over the place. He sailed balls high, including a screen pass, left them low and tossed a deep ball out of bounds. His pocket presence left a lot to be desired.

Thurs: Liufau enjoyed his best day Thursday, but he still struggled to drive the ball to the sideline in the wind. The ball continued to flutter out of his hand, and he didn’t show much in the way of accuracy.


Analysis: Liufau was not impressive during Senior Ball week, struggling with his ball placement each day and showing little improvement from start to finish. He couldn’t drive balls effectively to the sideline, showed limited movement skills in the pocket and didn’t react well to pressure. This was a tough week for his NFL hopes.


Name: Nathan Peterman

School: Pittsburgh

Ht: 6024

Wt: 225

Arm: 31 3/8

Hand: 9 7/8



Tues: Peterman was the best quarterback for the North on Tuesday, and he was probably the best quarterback overall. He showed good accuracy on short and intermediate throws and was very accurate to the sidelines, although his balls tended to lose zip the further down the field they traveled.

Wed: Peterman was again head and shoulders above his teammates, leading his receivers into YAC and putting passes where only his targets could make plays. His feel for the pocket was impressive, and even when he missed throws they weren’t close to being intercepted.

Thurs: Peterman continued to make accurate throws despite the slightly windy conditions, putting balls where they needed to be for receivers to catch and run. He did have a botched handoff with De’Veon Smith and a few off-target throws, but it was a solid day for Peterman.


Analysis: Peterman was the best quarterback at the Senior Bowl, hands down. His ball placement in the short and intermediate field was impressive and while his deep ball lacks zip, he avoided putting his receivers in bad situations. Peterman leads receiver into YAC well and displayed good pocket presence, stepping up and leaving the pocket when necessary while also keeping his eyes down the field. He could enjoy a nice career as an NFL backup.

Fullback/Running Back

Name: Sam Rogers

School: Virginia Tech

Ht: 5102

Wt: 231

Arm: 29 5/8

Hand: 9 5/8



Tues: Really was not impressed with his blocking as Rogers was run over on a couple of occasions. He did look good catching the ball out of the backfield, but he lacks vision as a runner and ran into the back of his lineman on one occasion.

Wed: Struggled throughout most of the day. Was run over a number of times as a blocker and dropped a sure catch when he was wide open in underneath coverage.

Thurs: Today was the best day of practice for Rogers. He caught the ball well and held his own blocking. I am impressed with his quickness and burst.


Analysis: In the Senior Bowl preview, I stated Rogers had to show whether he was a true lead blocker or a West Coast fullback. Through three days of practice, he showed little in the way of strength at the point of attack or overall blocking skill, but he did have a nice set of skills carrying the ball and catching it out of the backfield. As a result, he’ll be a late-round pick as a West Coast fullback/H-back.


Name: Corey Clement

School: Wisconsin

Ht: 5102

Wt: 221

Arm: 30 7/8

Hand: 9 7/8



Tues: Overall I was impressed by Clement. When he carried the ball he showed enough speed to beat defenders around the perimeter. He also did a really good job catching the ball out of the backfield and ran sharp routes in the short field, but he had a few issues in pass protection.

Wed: Terrific overall day. Ran the ball well on the inside while also showing the agility to turn the corner.  Patient and picks his way through the traffic. Caught the ball exceptionally well out of the backfield.

Thurs: Another really solid day for Clement. He ran the ball well on the inside and showed skill around the perimeter. Once again he caught the ball well and today was his best blocking performance of the week.


Analysis: Clement pulled together three complete days of practice and looked effective in all facets of the running back position. He produced running the ball on the inside, around the corner and as a pass-catcher while flashing skill as a blocker. He definitely improved his draft stock during Senior Bowl week and can further enhance it with good workouts at the combine.


Name: Kareem Hunt

School: Toledo

Ht: 5104

Wt: 208

Arm: 31 1/8

Hand: 9 6/8



Tues: Hunt had a solid day. He's not really fast but runs hard and decisively on the inside and nicely picks his way through the traffic, showing an effective jump cut and quickness in and out of his cuts. He also caught the ball well, including a one-handed grab on an errant pass in the flat, but like Clement he could use work as a blocker.

Wed: Solid overall day for Hunt. Did a nice job in blocking drills, had a few nice runs and caught the ball well. The lack of burst in his game is apparent compared to the other backs on the North.

Thurs: I thought today was the best practice of the week for Hunt. During drills he was one of the better blockers from the running back group. He also caught the ball very well.


Analysis: Hunt started off the Senior Bowl by weighing under 210 pounds, about 25 lighter than his playing weight the past two seasons. During the three days of practice he showed a complete game as a ball-carrier, pass-catcher and blocker, but compared to the other backs at the Senior Bowl he lacks quickness and burst. He did answer many of the criticisms scouts had about him the past two years and leaves the Senior Bowl a winner.


Name: De'Veon Smith

School: Michigan

Ht: 5107

Wt: 220

Arm: 29 3/4

Hand: 8 7/8



Tues: Smith was the most effective pass protector of the North running backs on the first day. While he showed decent burst after taking the handoff, he looked slow turning the corner and at the second level.

Wed: Another good day for Smith carrying the ball and catching it out of the backfield. Did relatively well in blocking drills. Not flashy or spectacular rather consistent throughout the day.

Thurs: Solid day for Smith, who caught the ball well. His lack of quickness and speed is apparent when you compare him to the rest of the running backs on the North.


Analysis: Smith continued the momentum of his fine week of practice at the Shrine Game and performed well as an interior ball-carrier, pass-catcher and blocker. He’s not spectacular in any single aspect of the position, rather he is a solid prospect who does the little things well.


Tight Ends

Name: Michael Roberts

School: Toledo

Ht: 6043

Wt: 261

Arm: 33 2/8

Hand: 11 5/8



Tues: Roberts did a terrific job today. He plays much faster than anyone would expect and runs solid routes. Except for one drop he also caught the ball very well, but he was beat a few times around the edge during blocking drills.

Wed: Except for one bad drop it was a very good day for Roberts. Again, he showed surprising speed and quickness and came away with several tough grabs. Also looked dominant in blocking drills.

Thurs: Another terrific practice from Roberts. He looks incredibly smooth and fluid for a 261-pound tight end and made a lot of nice receptions down the field today.


Analysis: Roberts improved from his impressive performance at last week’s Shrine Game. He’s incredibly fluid and smooth for a 260-pound tight end and catches the ball exceptionally well. Roberts is deceptively quick and plays the game at a good pace. He blocks like an offensive tackle and really impressed scouts during his Senior Bowl performance.


Name: Jonnu Smith

School: FIU

Ht: 6026

Wt: 245

Arm: 31 6/8

Hand: 9 2/8



Tues: Smith looked good in just about all aspects. He's athletic and easily moves about the field. He caught the ball very well, nicely extending and catching passes away from his frame. Smith also held his own blocking, squaring into defenders and holding the point.

Wed: Terrific overall day for Smith. Catches the ball like a big possession receiver showing the ability to get downfield and come away with the contested grab. Once again gave effort blocking and ended up with solid results.

Thurs: Smith looks like he belongs here at the Senior Bowl. Once again he was probably the most athletic tight end from the North, caught the ball extremely well and held his own as a blocker.


Analysis: Smith exceeded all expectations during the three days of practice. He looked more like a big possession receiver rather than a 245-pound tight end the way he easily got down the field to make the reception in stride. His blocking was not great yet he was solid in all aspects, on the line of scrimmage or blocking in motion. In a draft deep at the tight end position, Smith definitely enhanced his stock in Mobile.


Name: Jeremy Sprinkle

School: Arkansas

Ht: 6046

Wt: 256

Arm: 34 1/8

Hand: 10 5/8



Tues: Not a good day for Sprinkle. Overall he looked sluggish, unathletic and ineffective in most areas, and he struggled to create separation as a receiver.

Wed: Slightly disappointing day for Sprinkle. Had his moments as a blocker and pass catcher but also looked marginally athletic, stiff and seemed lost at times.

Thurs: Sprinkle turned in a slightly better performance today. He was better catching the ball as well as blocking. He is not nearly the athlete of the other two tight ends on the North.


Analysis: Sprinkle was a bit of a disappointment and probably the least athletic tight end on hand in Mobile. He showed little in the way of quickness, speed and natural pass-catching skill. He possesses next-level skills yet did not show them on a consistent basis during Senior Bowl practices.

Wide Receivers

Name: Amara Darboh

School: Michigan

Ht: 6016

Wt: 215

Arm: 32 5/8

Hand: 9 7/8



Tues: Darboh met expectations on Day 1, showing strong hands at the catch point and the ability to make catches away from his frame and in traffic. He didn't make any big plays, but Darboh was very solid overall.

Wed: Darboh didn’t create much in the way of separation Wednesday and had another somewhat underwhelming practice, although he continued to show strong hands and good technique in drills.

Thurs: Darboh showed improvement Thursday, although he’s still a bit of a stiff mover. His big body and hands allow him to win in tight spots, and he looked strong on curls and comeback routes.


Analysis: Darboh is a bit stiff as a receiver and struggles to create separation, but his solid frame, big hands and good technique make him very effective in contested-catch situations. He’s not a big-play threat but can be very effective on curls and comeback routes where he can settle in between the defensive back and the football, and he does a nice job coming away with catches in traffic.


Name: Amba Etta-Tawo

School: Syracuse

Ht: 6012

Wt: 198

Arm: 32

Hand: 9 2/8



Tues: Etta-Tawo was one of the North's top two receivers Tuesday, displaying strong hands early to snatch balls out of the air in traffic. In the back half of practice, he showed the ability to get downfield and the timing and hands to high-point 50/50 balls in tight coverage.

Wed: Etta-Tawo took a slight step back Wednesday, although he still looks smooth in his routes and making catches. He let a few passes go through or off his hands and dealt with more inconsistency than he did Tuesday.

Thurs: We found out Etta-Tawo has a dislocated left middle finger, and it showed in his performance for the second straight day. He struggled with several drops again and didn’t show the deep speed to create separation from corners.


Analysis: Etta-Tawo looked good on Tuesday, showing the ability to get down the field along with the timing and strong hands to win 50/50 balls. He dislocated his middle finger at some point, which noticeably affected his performance on the final two days, when he struggled with drops. Etta-Tawo is a smooth mover on the field but he didn’t flash the deep speed to get behind defensive backs, and combine workouts will be important to determine his final draft stock.


Name: Isaiah Jones

School: East Carolina

Ht: 6017

Wt: 202

Arm: 32 2/8

Hand: 9



Tues: Jones was arguably the top receiver on both squads Tuesday, running routes hard while still being able to slow down and limit wasted movement at his route stem. Like Etta-Tawo, he showed strong hands, good fundamentals catching the ball away from his frame and contested-catch ability in tight coverage down the field.

Wed: Jones had another good day Wednesday but was overshadowed by Cooper Kupp. He adjusted well to balls thrown behind him and used his frame and sharp route-running skills to beat corners to the spot and make contested catches.

Thurs: Jones continued his strong performance at the Senior Bowl, winning at all levels and catching everything thrown his way. He scored several touchdowns on a variety of routes, including slants, post-corners and nine routes.


Analysis: Jones was extremely impressive during all three practices in Mobile. While he isn’t the fastest receiver, he showed an ability to run the entire route tree and win at all levels of the defense. A sharp route-runner who is efficient with his movements, Jones used strong hands and good technique to win out in contested situations and really helped himself with his Senior Bowl performance.


Name: Cooper Kupp

School: Eastern Michigan

Ht: 6014

Wt: 198

Arm: 31 2/8

Hand: 9 4/8



Tues: Kupp was a mixed bag Tuesday, catching most of the balls thrown his way but failing to create consistent separation. He also let a few passes get too far into his body, which caused issues catching balls in traffic.

Wed: Kupp was the star of North practice among the receivers, getting open at will and catching everything thrown his way. He ran sharp routes, showed good reactions to snag an errant pass in the short field and was always ready to catch balls off his stem.

Thurs: Kupp didn’t play as well as he did Wednesday but still enjoyed a productive practice, running good routes and beating DBs to the spot with his frame and sharp cuts. He did have a bad drop in traffic over the middle that tipped into the air for an easy interception.


Analysis: Kupp was outstanding during Wednesday’s practice, getting open at will and catching everything thrown his way. He wasn’t as good the other two days but remained productive, running sharp routes, coming out of his breaks ready to catch the ball and beating defenders to the spot. Kupp had some issues catching the ball in traffic throughout the week but acquitted himself well at the higher level of competition.


Name: Jalin Robinette

School: Air Force

Ht: 6026

Wt: 218

Arm: 33 1/8

Hand: 10 7/8



Tues: Robinette will arrive at the Senior Bowl on Wednesday after attending to a school commitment.

Wed: Robinette was a smooth mover on the field and showed soft hands, but his technique needs work. In particular, Robinette needs to keep his hands together when he goes to make catches to avoid the ball splitting them and falling incomplete.

Thurs: Robinette was nowhere to be found in live action Thursday, struggling to separate and create windows for his quarterbacks. He did show good hands and caught the ball well in drills.


Analysis: Missing Tuesday’s practice put Robinette behind the other receivers, and he never really recovered. A smooth mover who flashed soft hands, Robinette struggled to separate from defenders and create windows for his quarterbacks to throw him the ball and was an afterthought on most passing plays. His pass-catching technique could use some work, and Robinette was unable to distinguish himself from the rest of the receivers in Mobile.


Name: Jamari Staples

School: Louisville

Ht: 6030

Wt: 190

Arm: 32 6/8

Hand: 9 5/8



Tues: Staples had a hot start to practice, adjusting well to errant throws and showing an impressive catch radius while making contested catches. He struggled a bit as practice went on, dropping passes in traffic and showing inconsistency at the catch point despite always being first to get to 50/50 balls.

Wed: Staples’ inconsistency from the end of Tuesday’s practice carried over to Wednesday, as he suffered multiple drops and showed very inconsistent hands. He did make a great catch over Jourdan Lewis on a corner fade in red-zone drills towards the end of practice.

Thurs: Staples did not practice Thursday.


Analysis: Staples had an inconsistent two days of practice at the Senior Bowl, starting hot on Tuesday before fizzling out the rest of the way. At his best, he showed an impressive catch radius, the ability to adjust to errant passes and an ability to make contested catches over defenders, but Staples was also plagued by drops and inconsistency and didn’t do much to help himself in Mobile.


Name: Trent Taylor

School: Louisiana Tech

Ht: 5075

Wt: 177

Arm: 28 2/8

Hand: 8 5/8



Tues: Like Ryan Switzer for the South squad, Taylor had some trouble keeping his feet after receptions but had no issues with drops. He fell on a route break late in practice, but recovered well and ended up making a nice toe-tapping grab along the sideline.

Wed: Taylor showed sticky hands and the ability to extend away from his frame to corral errant passes in drills, but also had a couple drops in 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 action. One of those was on a wide open pass in the short field, but Taylor avoiding hitting the ground after receptions, which was a big issue for him on Day 1.

Thurs: Taylor continued to improve on the final day of practice and had success underneath. He ran nice routes against both zone and man coverages and show good balance, putting his hand on the ground and quickly changing direction to create yards after the catch.


Analysis: Taylor had trouble staying on his feet during Tuesday’s practice but was much improved on the final two days. He ran nice routes underneath against both man and zone coverage, showed sticky hands and good extension as well as nice balance and the ability to change direction. Taylor had a couple drops, but he had a solid week overall.

Offensive Linemen

Name: Zach Banner

School: USC

Ht: 6083

Wt: 361

Arm: 33 5/8

Hand: 10 6/8



Tues: Banner is an impressive looking speciman but a very inconsistent blocker. He had his moments and at times destroyed opponents but more times than not he was off balance, getting twisted and fell off blocks. 

Wed: When Banner got his hands on defenders he was able to contain them but otherwise he struggles to adjust, lacks any semblance of balance and often found himself on the turf. 

Thurs: Today was a slightly better practice day for Banner. He’s a huge lineman who engulfs defenders or controls opponents once he gets his hands into them. One thing I noticed is Banner does not bend his knees or block with much leverage.


Analysis: Banner struggled for most of the week and though he showed flashes, he lacked balance, technique and really didn’t play to his size. All of his bad habits were exposed during the Senior Bowl and as a result, his draft stock will drop.


Name: Adam Bisnowaty

School: Pittsburgh

Ht: 6055

Wt: 307

Arm: 32 5/8

Hand: 11 2/8



Tues: Bisnowaty was solid and not spectacular. He's not the prettiest technician but does a solid job sealing defenders from the action.

Wed: I thought it was a tough day for Bisnowaty. He really doesn’t sink his butt at the line of scrimmage for starters. During drills and scrimmage he struggled to adjust, was beaten by inside moves or around the edge and showed poor footwork in space. 

Thurs: Bisnowaty was slightly better today, especially when pushed inside to guard. One thing I noticed is he does not keep his feet moving during the play, which puts him at a disadvantage.


Analysis: Bisnowaty was disappointing for all three days. He looked stiff, unathletic and his inability to keep his feet moving hurt his ability to complete blocks. Graded as a second-round pick by some, he leaves Mobile with a third-day grade.


Name: Julien Davenport

School: Bucknell

Ht: 6066

Wt: 310

Arm: 36

Hand: 10 4/8



Tues: I have to say I was impressed by Davenport. For the most part he won out in battles this afternoon and at times dominated opponents. He did a great job staying square and keeping defenders away from the action. He definitely needs to improve his hand placement and hand technique but the tools are available.

Wed: There were a lot of things to like about Devenport today. He looks imposing and played that way. I like the way he squares into defenders, works his blocks and controls opponents once engaged at the point. He needs to improve his balance and learn to finish blocks but overall it was a good second day for him.

Thurs: Davenport continues to compete and hold his own against better competition. I was impressed with the way he squared into defenders and anchored at the point. 


Analysis: Davenport performed well and proved that he belonged at the Senior Bowl. He’s an imposing lineman who blocks with solid fundamentals, and for the most part he rarely got beat in drills or scrimmages.


Name: Dion Dawkins

School: Temple

Ht: 6037

Wt: 317

Arm: 34 5/8

Hand: 9 6/8



Tues: When I watched Dawkins today he lined up at guard and struggled. He was getting turned, twisted and beaten. His balance was terrible and he played back on his heels.

Wed: Dawkins looked significantly improved today. He was much better on his feet, played with better balance and made several nice blocks throughout the session. He was very effective on the second level but strength at the point is an issue.

Thurs: Dawkins lined up at both left tackle and guard today and had his moments. He’s an explosive athlete and blocks with solid fundamentals but really needs to improve his playing strength.


Analysis: Dawkins had a shaky start but was able to figure it out as the week progressed. He’s an athletic prospect who must improve his strength and blocking balance. He lined up at both guard and left tackle and performed best blocking the edge as he did in college.


Name: Dan Feeney

School: Indiana

Ht: 6040

Wt: 304

Arm: 33 1/8

Hand: 10 2/8



Tues: The best phrase I could use to describe Feeney today is wow!! He took on all comers and dominated everyone. Imagine running full speed into a brick wall; that's what Feeney's opponents were up against today. Feeney is fundamentally sound and incredibly powerful.

Wed: It would’ve been tough for Feeney to improve on yesterday and he really didn’t. That being the case, he was still dominant except for the single play Wormley of Michigan beat him on. I noticed Feeney was relatively effective the times he was asked to kick out and block in motion. If he adds that to his arsenal, watch out!

Thurs: Feeney lined up at both guard and center today and was dominant at both spots. He’s technically sound, powerful and blocks with a nasty attitude. On a number of occasions he outright beat­­ Stevie Tu'Ikolovatu of USC despite the fact he was at a 45-pound disadvantage.


Analysis: Feeney was hands down the most dominant lineman of the week. Except for one time on Tuesday, he was not beaten by opponents despite lining up at guard and center. He blocked with terrific fundamentals, showed incredible power and finished off opponents with ease. He was rarely asked to block in motion but if he performs well during the combine, he could get first-round consideration.


Name: Kyle Fuller

School: Baylor

Ht: 6044

Wt: 306

Arm: 34

Hand: 10



Tues: Fuller struggled all day. He was getting turned and consistently beaten.

Wed: Another difficult day for Fuller.  He showed decent skill blocking in motion but otherwise was run over on a number of occasions and struggles to adjust.

Thurs: Fuller lined up at both guard and center today and got beat at both positions.


Analysis: Fuller struggled from the get-go and did not look good at any point during the week. He was consistently run over, run around and struggled to stop anybody.


Name: Kyle Kalis

School: Michigan

Ht: 6042

Wt: 308

Arm: 32 7/8

Hand: 10 2/8



Tues: Kalis picked up from where he left off at last week's Shrine game and looked very good today.  He's tough, strong and plays with a high degree of intelligence. In one instance Kalis even showed the ability to get out on the second level and take out the linebacker.

Wed: Kalis did not and will not wow anyone with athleticism or great explosion but once again he was very efficient, technically sound and did a solid job in all areas. He’s a thinking man's football player who gets the most from his ability.

Thurs: Kalis was not seen at practice Thursday.


Analysis: Kalis was another who continued the momentum of what was a good week at the Shrine Game. He’s not very athletic but is smart, tough and efficient. I don’t know that he improved his draft stock, but he definitely made himself a draftable commodity.


Name: Jordan Morgan

School: Kutztown

Ht: 6026

Wt: 313

Arm: 33 2/8

Hand: 10



Tues: Morgan had his moments today but for the most part I felt he struggled. He does too much bending at the waist, he was off balance and rarely finished blocks.

Wed: Morgan showed significant improvement today. He blocked with better balance, stayed on his feet and showed a lot of quickness and explosion. Once he squared into opponents he anchored at the point and controlled his man.

Thurs: Another solid day for Morgan. He won on a number of snaps and he lost a few but you can see the underlying talent is available.


Analysis: Morgan started the week shaky then significantly improved during the final two practices. He’s an athletic lineman with terrific explosion at the point of attack, but he must improve the details and nuances of the position. He had several shining moments which will enhance his draft stock.


Name: Taylor Moton

School: Western Michigan

Ht: 6053

Wt: 330

Arm: 33 1/8

Hand: 10 6/8



Tues: When Moton lined up at right tackle he dominated everyone, showing great power and solid technique. Left tackle was a different story as he struggled with his footwork, could not slide out and was exploited off the edge a couple of times.

Wed: It was another solid day for Moton. Similar to yesterday, he was very effective at right tackle but struggled on the left side. Very much a dominant and powerful small-area blocker.

Thurs: Moton lined up at guard for part of the practice and was dominant. He’s exceptional in a small area.


Analysis: Moton was dominant when he lined up at right tackle or guard but struggled blocking the blind side. He proved himself to be a big, powerful and dominant run blocker best in a small area. While he helped himself at the Senior Bowl, his limitations were obvious.


Name: Tyler Orlosky

School: West Virginia

Ht: 6031

Wt: 292

Arm: 31 6/8

Hand: 9 7/8



Tues: Orlosky had a solid outing squaring into defenders and controlling them just about the entire day. He was effective as both a run blocker and in pass protection.

Wed: I saw a few good things from Orlosky today. He’s very quick and explosive and he also shows a good feel for the position. He does need to finish blocks as he let opponents back in the play.

Thurs: I liked what I saw from Orlosky today. He was quick, showed the ability to adjust and won out more than he lost.


Analysis: Overall, Orlosky had a solid week. He’s a nasty and explosive lineman who blocks with solid fundamentals, and if he improves his strength at the point off attack, he showed at the Senior Bowl that he can start on Sundays.

Defensive Line

Name: Tarell Basham

School: Ohio

Ht: 6035

Wt: 259

Arm: 32 7/8

Hand: 10 3/8



Tues: Basham stood up over tackle for most of the day in the North's 3-4 alignment. He's a tremendous athlete with a terrific change of direction and the ability to easily move in every direction. I thought he looked solid rushing the passer out of a three-point stance. He needs work in coverage and was a little stiff moving in reverse but overall it was a solid day for Basham.

Wed: It was another solid day for Basham and you can see he’s getting better by the practice. He was very effective rushing the passer out of a three-point stance as well as standing over tackle. His quickness off the edge, ability to change direction and overall athleticism are impressive. While he struggled in coverage, he was not awful by any means.

Thurs: Basham looked terrific today. His athleticism and explosion just jumps out at you as he makes plays in every direction of the field. While he needs work on his drops and coverage skills, you can tell the ability is available and it's not unnatural for him.


Analysis: Basham was one of the most athletic front-seven players to show up at the Senior Bowl. He was swift moving in a straight line as well as laterally and showed the ability to get depth on pass drops during coverage drills. He was explosive rushing the passer out of a three-point stance, improved when asked to do the same standing up over tackle and didn’t embarrass himself in pass coverage. He offers a huge amount of upside and walks away from the Senior Bowl as a winner.


Name: Ryan Glasgow

School: Michigan

Ht: 6027

Wt: 299

Arm: 32 6/8

Hand: 9 7/8



Tues: Solid performance from Glasgow today. He fires off the snap, plays with great pad level and effectively works his hands while keeping his feet moving. He's not powerful but battles through the action and played through the whistle.

Wed: Once again I was impressed with the technique, quickness and explosion Glasgow plays with. He did not display himself as much of a playmaker but does a good job occupying gaps and blockers.

Thurs: Glasgow didn’t make too many plays during practice, but he competed and showed terrific quickness and explosion in his game.


Analysis: Glasgow had a solid Senior Bowl, though he’s not going to make the meteoric rise up draft boards that his brother did in Mobile a year ago. He’s a solid defensive tackle prospect who lacks great size as well as strength at the point.


Name: Jaleel Johnson

School: Iowa

Ht: 6027

Wt: 309

Arm: 32 6/8

Hand: 9 6/8



Tues: Johnson had his moments today. At times he looked very athletic and explosive, firing through the gaps and penetrating the line of scrimmage. He also looked solid the few times he dropped into coverage. The problem for Johnson is once he gets locked up in blocks he cannot disengage.

Wed: Much better day for Johnson. He was quick, explosive and looked fairly athletic. On one play he knocked Dion Dawkins off the line, and Johnson plays with terrific balance.

Thurs: I thought this was far and away the best day for Johnson. The athleticism and quickness is obvious but I was happy to see Johnson is starting to play like a 309-pound lineman. He showed power in his game, something which was absent in college.


Analysis: Johnson improved as the week went on, and by Wednesday he was one of the best defensive linemen for the North. He’s quick, explosive and by Wednesday was playing with a good amount of power. He improved his draft stock at the Senior Bowl by at least a round.


Name: Larry Ogunjobi

School: Charlotte

Ht: 6024

Wt: 304

Arm: 32 3/8

Hand: 10



Tues: Ogunjobi had his moments. He's intense and plays through the whistle. He's also very quick off the snap. He struggled getting off blocks and did not show much strength, which is a bit strange as he looked like a powerhouse during morning weigh-ins.

Wed: Was not impressed by Ogunjobi today. All too often he gets tied up at the point or caught up in the wash. Lost out in one-on-ones as well as the scrimmage.

Thurs: I thought this was the best day of practice for Ogunjobi, as he started making plays on the ball. He’s very athletic and moves well around the field but must learn to play to his size.


Analysis: For the most part Ogunjobi was disappointing. He looked like an imposing figure during weigh-ins but rarely made plays into the final day of practice. He showed a good degree of quickness throughout all three days but really must improve his playing strength.


Name: Derek Rivers

School: Youngstown

Ht: 6041

Wt: 250

Arm: 32 3/8

Hand: 9 4/8



Tues: Rivers stood up over tackle as a 3-4 outside linebacker. He's athletic and moves very well. He's also forceful up the field, but once blocked he stays blocked. Rivers was not bad making plays in reverse.

Wed: Rivers is slowly pulling it together. He’s athletic, explosive and ferocious up the field. Rivers must improve his play in space and moving in reverse but he showed improvement and looked more comfortable today.

Thurs: Rivers looked solid today, especially rushing the passer as a stand-up linebacker. He fires off the edge, displaying a nice degree of quickness and speed. After Basham, Rivers was one of the more athletic front-seven players on the North squad.


Analysis: Rivers was another college defensive end who was asked to stand up over tackle and, like many of the others at the Senior Bowl, he helped his draft stock. One of the better athletes on the North, he was quick, explosive and showed speed moving in every direction. While he needs to improve his pass-coverage skills, he’s a natural pass-rusher, which comes at a premium on draft day


Name: Isaac Rochell

School: Notre Dame

Ht: 6043

Wt: 282

Arm: 33 2/8

Hand: 10



Tues: Rochell struggled throughout most of the day. He's quick and competitive but cannot get off blocks once engaged at the point and was beaten on a number of occasions.

Wed: It was a better day for Rochell. He did not make many plays but he kept his feet and held the point all practice long. Rochell does flash athleticism in his game.

Thurs: Rochell had his moments today, displaying an inside move and the ability to penetrate behind the line of scrimmage.


Analysis: Rochell had a tough three days and, except for a few flashes, he was handled during most of Senior Bowl practice. He’s quick off the snap but gets upright and lacks any strength at the point.


Name: Dawuane Smoot

School: Illinois

Ht: 6027

Wt: 255

Arm: 32 6/8

Hand: 9 1/8



Tues: Smoot stood up over tackle most of the day and was very inconsistent. He did not look natural and struggled getting off blocks.

Wed: Smoot stood over tackle on a number of occasions and did not look comfortable or effective. He showed little in the way of quickness, struggled getting off blocks and was slow locating the ball.

Thurs: Smoot was inconsistent. He did make a few nice plays on the ball but in other instances he disappeared for stretches.


Analysis: Highly rated coming into the Senior Bowl, Smoot showed he had a lot of limitations in his game. He was ineffective standing up over tackle, showed limited pass-rush skill and was unable to get off blocks once engaged at the point of attack. He leaves Mobile with a falling draft grade.


Name: Stevie Tu'Ikolovatu

School: USC

Ht: 6011

Wt: 350

Arm: 31 7/8

Hand: 9 7/8



Tues: Tu'Ikolovatu is a big, strong space eater but little more than that. He was able to hold the point but doesn't use his hands well and got little in the way of penetration.

Wed: Tu'Ikolovatu rarely makes plays on the ball but what he does so well is hold the point and occupy blockers. He plays like a wide-bodied lineman up front.

Thurs: I’m starting to like Tu'Ikolovatu more by the day. He doesn’t make many plays nor does he use his hands well but does a terrific job occupying blocks and holding the point.


Analysis: Tu'Ikolovatu did not make many plays throughout the week but displayed himself as a powerful zero-technique tackle who has the ability to occupy gaps and control blockers on Sundays and allow his teammates to make plays on the ball.


Name: Chris Wormley

School: Michigan

Ht: 6053

Wt: 297

Arm: 33 4/8

Hand: 10 3/8



Tues: I liked what I saw from Wormley. He lined up as a two-gap end and showed terrific quickness, explosion and he plays with leverage. He beat a number of opponents during drills with a terrific inside move.

Wed: Wormley made several nice plays on the ball today and thus far has been the only lineman to beat Dan Feeney. He’s strong as heck, explosive and fights through the whistle. I was surprised he showed a limited closing burst.

Thurs: Once again Wormley made several nice plays behind the line of scrimmage with power, explosion and tenacity.


Analysis: Though not very consistent throughout the week, Wormley had his moments when he made big plays. He looked natural playing defensive end in a 3-4 front and was able to penetrate the line of scrimmage or occupy blockers. He’s not the flashiest but proved he can effectively do the little things.


Name: Vincent Biegel

School: Wisconsin

Ht: 6031

Wt: 242

Arm: 32

Hand: 9 1/8



Tues: Biegel looked natural and at home on the outside of the 3-4. He was forceful during blitz drills and could not be blocked. I also liked his movement skills as well as his change of direction.

Wed: Solid day for Biegel. He’s most effective in the box and up the field but also showed decent skill in pursuit. Looked good in pass-rushing drills.

Thurs: Biegel did a terrific job in the box and up the field today. He’s strong, explosive and holds his ground against blocks or sheds them altogether.


Analysis: In my opinion, Biegel was one of the most underrated players I scouted the past three days. First of all, he looks thin at 242 pounds and could very likely add another 15 pounds to his frame. He was strong, explosive and defeated blocks on a consistent basis to make plays behind the line of scrimmage. He showed limitations in coverage but proved he would be very effective on the strong side of a 3-4 alignment.


Name: Ben Gedeon

School: Michigan

Ht: 6051

Wt: 243

Arm: 32 3/8

Hand: 10



Tues: Gedeon was terrific in run defense. He showed a good head for the ball, flowed well laterally and penetrated the gaps. In coverage, he looked stiff and not comfortable moving in reverse.

Wed: Gedeon does not grade well in areas of athleticism or speed but his instincts, efficiency and wherewithal are terrific. He takes great angles and did a great job anticipating the action.

Thurs: Gedeon did a nice job in pursuit or when the action was in front of him. He shows great instincts, is quick in the first five yards and is also very efficient.


Analysis: Gedeon was not very athletic or agile, but on all three days he showed that he’s an instinctive and efficient linebacker who was able to make plays with his head rather than with his physical skills.


Name: Connor Harris

School: Lindenwood

Ht: 5110

Wt: 241

Arm: 28 6/8

Hand: 9 2/8



Tues: Harris had a tough time handling blocks but looked really good otherwise. He was solid against the run and looked fluid and smooth moving in reverse.

Wed: Harris gave great effort and flashes athleticism but is small and gets easily washed from the action.

Thurs: Today was a terrific day for Harris. He looked very athletic, covered a lot of area and quickly got to the spot defending the run or covering the pass. As with the past two days, Harris played tough, intense football.


Analysis: Harris struggled early in the week, but by the final day of practice he was one of the better linebackers on the field. He’s explosive, intense and shows a good head for the ball, and he was effective defending the run and covering the pass. Measuring under six feet tall, he won’t be a linebacker for everyone.


Name: Jordan Herdman

School: Simon Fraser

Ht: 5106

Wt: 238

Arm: 29 7/8

Hand: 8 1/8



Tues: Herdman was explosive moving up the field and showed force and explosion defending the run. I was surprised how stiff and unnatural he looked in reverse, and he struggled in coverage for much of the day.

Wed: Herdman looked much better today. He got better depth on pass drops and looked much quicker and more confident. He also made several nice plays in the box and in pursuit.

Thurs: Herdman had a solid showing today. He was explosive up the field and also got depth on his drops. He still needs work on his ball skills and awareness in coverage.


Analysis: The lone Canadian in the game, Herdman displayed himself to be very effective making plays up the field but struggled in coverage. He’s explosive with a terrific burst of speed but has limitations.


Name: Carroll Phillips

School: Illinois

Ht: 6032

Wt: 237

Arm: 31 6/8

Hand: 9 4/8



Tues: Today was a big win for Phillips. He was terrific standing up over tackle looking quick, fast and fluid. He made plays in every direction of the field, looked forceful on the blitz and did not embarrass himself in coverage drills.

Wed: Phillips is building a buzz around him. He’s athletic, fast moving around the field and even looked solid in coverage. His speed laterally is impressive.

Thurs: Phillips continues to show a lot of skill and potential standing over tackle as a pass rusher and 3-4 OLB. He’s good in pursuit and plays with a large degree of athleticism.


Analysis: Phillips was one of the big winners from Senior Bowl week. The college defensive end was asked to play as a stand-up linebacker and looked terrific during every day of practice. He was fast moving in every direction, displayed a lot of pass-rushing skill and was much better than his higher-rated teammate Dawuane Smoot. He leaves Mobile with an improved draft grade.


Name: Haason Reddick

School: Temple

Ht: 6014

Wt: 237

Arm: 32 1/8

Hand: 10 3/8



Tues: Reddick had his moments. At first he looked uncomfortable in space but Reddick improved as the day went on. He plays heads up football, covered a lot of area on the field and generally looked good.

Wed: It's starting to click for Reddick. He made several people look foolish in pass-rushing drills standing up and out of a three-point stance. In pass drills he made a few nice plays and was constantly within reach of the action.

Thurs: It was another fine performance for Reddick. I thought this was his best performance in coverage drills, as he made a number of terrific plays against the pass.  His speed, quickness and the violence he plays with is all next-level worthy.


Analysis: Reddick leaves Senior Bowl week with a draft grade on the rise. He was taller and bigger than many thought, explosive in every day of practice and continually improved. He displayed himself as one of the best pass-rushers on the field and got better each day dropping into pass coverage and making plays on the ball. Entering the season ignored by scouts, Reddick leaves Mobile as a possible second-day pick.

Defensive Backs

Name: Rasul Douglas

School: West Virginia

Ht: 6020

Wt: 204

Arm: 32 1/8

Hand: 9 2/8



Tues: Douglas had a solid Day 1 showing Tuesday. He didn't get beat and looked good in drills, displaying good ball skills and fluid movement ability for a corner of his size.

Wed: Douglas took a step back Wednesday, showing a tendency to get handsy beyond five yards and drawing multiple flags as a result. He fought the ball in drills and had a chance to make a play on a ball thrown across the middle but didn’t react.

Thurs: Douglas bounced back in a big way Thursday and was one of the day’s defensive standouts. He broke up several passes, slowing good closing speed and reacting extremely well to receivers’ hands with his back to the ball on deep passes. He had a few bad reps but overall it was an extremely productive day for Douglas.


Analysis: Douglas was the best cornerback on the field for the North squad this week. He moves well for a big corner and shows great closing speed in addition to good ball skills. Douglas was very effective disrupting receivers down the field with his back to the ball and while he drew a few flags for creating contact too far downfield, he was one of the big winners on the defensive side in Mobile.


Name: Nathan Gerry

School: Nebraska

Ht: 6017

Wt: 214

Arm: 30 6/8

Hand: 9 1/8



Tues: Gerry showed solid athletic ability and was effective on the back end. He has more than enough ball skills for the safety position and moved fluidly around the field, keeping plays in front of him consistently.

Wed: Gerry again showed capable ball skills and fluid movement ability, and the North receivers as a whole didn’t get behind the safeties often over the middle of the field.

Thurs: Gerry consistently finds himself around the action against both the run and the pass, and he showed good route recognition ability and awareness to close on a ball thrown over the middle, putting himself in position to make the interception when the ball was dropped and tipped into the air.


Analysis: Gerry acquitted himself nicely during Senior Bowl week and showed good awareness and athleticism for his size. He has good recognition ability and found himself consistently around the ball, displaying good ball skills when given the opportunity to make plays.


Name: Lorenzo Jerome

School: St Francis (Pa)

Ht: 5104

Wt: 202

Arm: 30 4/8

Hand: 8 5/8



Tues: Jerome had a nice day, making plays on the ball in drills and proving he belonged on the field. He didn't give up much separation to receivers and was solid as a tackler.

Wed: More of the same for Jerome on Day 2, as he played the ball well in drills, kept plays in front of him and didn’t stand out either positively or negatively.

Thurs: Jerome had another nondescript day of practice Thursday, but overall he enjoyed a solid week. He didn’t display any elite traits but didn’t struggle at all either, proving he can play the ball and support the run sufficiently.


Analysis: Jerome proved he belonged at the Senior Bowl this week, showing solid tackling ability and good ball skills. He kept plays in front of him and while he didn’t display any top-notch traits that would get him drafted early, he did nothing to hurt his draft stock in Mobile.


Name: John Johnson

School: Boston College

Ht: 6005

Wt: 205

Arm: 31 4/8

Hand: 9 4/8



Tues: Johnson was one of the better defensive backs on the North squad this afternoon. He showed a nice ability to high point passes in the air and good athleticism and awareness.

Wed: Johnson has looked like the best safety on the North squad through two days, showing natural hands and ball-tracking ability and playing a good centerfield. He showed good recognition of play-action in red-zone drills.

Thurs: Johnson continued his strong week at the Senior Bowl, showing good athleticism and fluidity and the ability to stay with receivers in coverage in one-on-ones.


Analysis: Johnson was the best safety on the field during all three Senior Bowl practices. He’s as fluid and athletic as some corners and shows the range and ball skills to be a very effective center fielder. Johnson has good ball-tracking skills and the awareness and recognition to get involved quickly in the running game, and he significantly improved his draft stock in Mobile.


Name: Desmond King

School: Iowa

Ht: 5101

Wt: 206

Arm: 29 7/8

Hand: 9 5/8



Tues: King was a secondary standout Tuesday, sticking receivers tight in coverage consistently outside of a few reps, one in which he fell down. King also showed good ball skills and made a case for himself to stay at corner amidst rumors NFL teams view him as a safety.

Wed: King again showed natural hands and ball skills and did a nice job staying with receivers down the field. He displayed the extension necessary to keep blockers off his body and shed blocks in the running game.

Thurs: King had his worst practice of the week Thursday, looking stiff flipping his hips and biting badly inside on a double move, giving Zay Jones an easy touchdown. He also dropped an interception and while he showed the ability to shed blocks and make an impact against the run, Thursday’s performance won’t quiet the buzz about him moving to safety.


Analysis: King started the week well but was exposed as practices continued. He ended Thursday looking stiff in coverage and biting on double moves without the speed to recover. King kept receivers off his body in the running game, but many NFL teams have taken him off their cornerback board and moved him to safety after this week of practice.


Name: Brendan Langley

School: Lamar

Ht: 6002

Wt: 199

Arm: 31 3/8

Hand: 9 5/8



Tues: This afternoon was rough for Langley. He struggled with his hands in drills with multiple drops and missed a few tackles in live action, including a one-on-one situation after a short pass into the open field.

Wed: Langley showed better Wednesday than he did Tuesday, but he was still stiff extending to the ball in drills. He has a tendency to lose connection with his receiver at their stem, which allows them to create separation against him.

Thurs: Langley has good length, fluid hips and stays with receivers nicely downfield, but he also got lost on a few plays. He was beaten for a touchdown up the sideline by Zay Jones and got beat to the post by Cooper Kupp for another score, and he still struggled with ball skills in drills.


Analysis: Langley’s combination of length and fluidity will intrigue NFL teams, but his results on the field in Mobile weren't as good as he looks on paper. He didn’t show great ball skills and consistently lost receivers on their route breaks and allowed them to create separation. Langley missed some open-field tackles and looks like a player that needs development once he reaches the NFL.


Name: Jourdan Lewis

School: Michigan

Ht: 5100

Wt: 188

Arm: 31

Hand: 8 6/8



Tues: Lewis and King put forth similar performances today. Lewis also stuck in receivers' hip pockets as a cover guy and displayed nice ball skills in drills. Unlike King, Lewis will definitely be drafted as a cornerback.

Wed: Lewis was again one of the North’s top two corners Wednesday, staying connected with receivers through multiple moves and showing natural, smooth skills with the ball in the air.

Thurs: Lewis struggled Thursday, getting lost fighting through traffic and not getting enough depth in short zones. He was beaten by Trent Taylor on a quick out and overpursued to the outside, allowing Taylor to quickly change direction and create extra yardage after the catch.


Analysis: Lewis started the week playing well but tailed off by the end of Thursday’s practice. He struggled fighting through traffic and getting depth in zone coverage but showed smooth ball skills and the ability to stay connected to receivers down the field.


Name: Obi Melifonwu

School: UConn

Ht: 6040

Wt: 219

Arm: 32 5/8

Hand: 8 6/8



Tues: Melifonwu looked like a wide receiver in ball drills, high-pointing balls in the air and using his height well. He also moves well for his height and did a nice job on the back end today.

Wed: Melifonwu again showed the timing and ability to high-point balls and can be a weapon coming over to help in deep coverage. He fought the ball slightly in drills but still moved well and used his length to his advantage.

Thurs: Melifonwu continues to move well downhill and in a straight line but showed plenty of stiffness when asked to flip his hips and change direction. He also struggled catching and tracking the ball down the field.


Analysis: Melifonwu showed receiver-like ball skills during drills early in the week, high-pointing balls with ease thanks to his height and length. He moves fluidly around the field but is best coming downhill and moving in a straight line. When asked to flip his hips and change direction, he showed stiffness in his movements.


Name: Aarion Penton

School: Missouri

Ht: 5093

Wt: 177

Arm: 29 5/8

Hand: 9 1/8



Tues: Penton was one of the few North defensive backs who had a rough day on the field. He was hurt by drops and didn't show much in the way of ball skills, and he also consistently gave receivers the separation they needed to make open catches.

Wed: Penton didn’t improve much on his Day 1 performance, getting beat badly by Trent Taylor on an in-breaking route, allowing too much cushion on the goal line and stumbling when he went to plant and drive. He doesn’t attack the ball aggressively in the air, instead waiting to make basket catches or let the ball into his body.

Thurs: Penton continued to struggle on the final day of practice, allowing too much separation to opponents. He was again beaten badly by Trent Taylor off the line and at his route stem, and it’s hard to be encouraged by the performances Penton put on tape this week.


Analysis: Penton failed to build off his momentum from the Shrine Game last week. His ball skills left a lot to be desired and he allowed consistent separation during each practice, giving up too much cushion and not trusting his ability to plant and recover. Any improvements in his draft stock that came about from the Shrine Game were lost at the Senior Bowl.