Senior Bowl Live Blog: Game Time

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Tony Pauline

Draft Analyst Writer

Just back from three days of practice at the Senior Bowl, Tony Pauline and Chris Tripodi will live blog throughout the game giving thoughts on what they are seeing and what they viewed during the week.

Fourth Quarter

0:00: So ends the 2017 Senior Bowl with the South coming out on top. We'll have plenty of post-Senior Bowl notes next week as well as interviews and a mock draft.

1:37:  I haven't seen Antonio Garcia since the early part of the game, and I wonder if he's injured. We will have a Senior Bowl post-script with plenty of notes next Monday and Tueday, including some on Garcia which have raised red flags.

1:55: There is one of my concerns with Nathan Peterman; when he tries to add a little speed to the throw, it sails on him.

3:00: Montravius Adams displaying athleticism on that stop of Hunt with his ability to get down the line of scrimmage and make plays outside the box.

7:40: Yesterday a scout told me of Lorenzo Jerome "The guy looks like he doesn't belong on the field but does nothing but make big plays and he's constantly around the ball."

11:13: Julien Davenport of Bucknell looked good last week in practice but has had a horrendous game. Scouts told me all week they question his toughness and nastiness. 

12:45: Zay Jones catches the ball so well. Extends and snatches the pass away from his frame. Big points with scouts.

14:00: Alex Anzalone of Florida showed a lot of lateral quickness and speed in pursuit all week.

14:15: Eddie Vanderdoes continues to impress scouts and NFL teams. Transferring his practice dominance into game-day production.

Third Quarter

:40: Watch Tanzel Smart/DT #97 for the South. Explosive with a great first step and getting penetration against Dan Feeney.

1:46: Carroll Phillips just exploited Conor McDermott. Phillips was another athletic defensive end on the college level who proved he can rush the passer standing over tackle all week.

4:05: We made a point of noting Kareem Hunt's weight loss during North weigh-ins ( and it has resulted in improved quickness.

5:23: Watch Dion Dawkins at left guard; he's athletic and explosive but must improve his strength at the point.

7:00: Terrific blocking on that long run, but Matt Dayes showed that burst every day at practice and had a lot of long runs. He's going to be a terrific change-of-pace/rotational ball carrier in the NFL.

10:00: Read our practice review of Derek Rivers. He's a terrific athlete that did a great job rushing the passer standing over tackle, as he just showed there:

11:00: Scouts really, really like Brendan Langley but the Lamar corner is going to need a lot of work before he's NFL ready. Gave up a lot of receptions during the week.

11:15: Davis Webb threw the prettiest balls of the week but you never knew where the pass would land.

11:30: Kentucky center Jon Toth continues to struggle. Could not hold the point at any point this week.

13:25: Vince Biegel quietly had a terrific week of practice and showed his force as a pass-rusher right there. He's going to be a starting 3-4 OLB early into his rookie season.

13:45: Conor McDermott did a really good job handling Haason Reddick on successive plays.

14:55: Not a difficult catch by Jamaal Williams, but he was terrific catching the ball all week.

Second Quarter

0:06: Jordan Willis beats Adam Bisnowaty with a great first step, Willis' calling card as a player, to force another Beathard fumble. Bisnowaty continued his disappointing week blocking rushers off the edge, while Beathard's lack of pocket presence continues to astound.

0:24: Davis Webb sails a pass long down the left sideline. Desmond King was tight in coverage against Chad Williams, something he flashed at times during the week of practice.

1:01: Fred Ross wins again on a quick slant, hit in stride by Webb. Ross continues to impress creating separation as a route-runner as he did in practice.

1:15: Donnell Pumphrey shows his trademark speed and burst on a good punt return, setting the South up in the North territory for a late drive.

2:00: Keionta Davis wins around the edge to sack Beathard on third down, displaying the natural pass-rushing skills he put on display all week.

2:23: Cooper Kupp makes a great one-handed catch on a ball thrown way behind him from C.J. Beathard. Kupp continues to be ready to make catches immediately out of his breaks and shows sticky hands, while Beathard's struggles with accuracy have persisted into Saturday's game.

2:33: Reynolds beats Langley to the corner on a fade on the two-point conversion. Great adjustment by Reynolds to make the catch and get his feet down, but a late juggle after Langley got his hand in caused an incompletion. Reynolds showing the big-play upside he flashed during the week more consistently today.

2:40: Webb with his second straight beautiful pass deep down the right sideline after holding the safety inside, hitting Reynolds in stride for a touchdown past the trailing Langley. Langley was tight in coverage but his ball skills to make a play on the pass were as poor as he showed during the week.

2:45: Webb with a pretty ball down the right sideline dropped by Dural. Langley lost connection early in the route, a theme during practice, but recovered nicely and used his length to affect the catch. The ball continues to look beautiful leaving Webb's hand, and his accuracy has been better during the game than it was in practices.

3:12: Webb hits Dural on a screen right with Langley showing good recognition and coming up quickly to force Dural out of bounds after no gain.

5:10: Webb with a great strong throw on third down to the left sideline, stepping up in the pocket and finding Reynolds in between the Cover 2. Reynolds continues to catch the ball well during the game after an inconsistent week of practice.

5:15: Travin Dural can't find a high-arching pass from Webb down the right sideline, continuing his tough week in Mobile. Good coverage by Jourdan Lewis, who did a nice job staying with receivers downfield the first two days of practice.

5:55: Evan Engram shows nice athleticism on a short screen to get away from Rasul Douglas, who had shown good physicality during the week.

6:05: Davis Webb leaves a ball way behind his receiver down the left sideline, not surprising considering he struggled knowing where the ball was going out of his hand all week.

7:25: Fred Ross beats Jourdan Lewis inside on a slant. Ross continues to show nice route-running chops, while Lewis' struggles from Thursday are starting to carry over.

7:35: Beathard fumbles on third down, showing the same lack of pocket presence that was on hand during practices. Jordan Willis beat Zach Banner to force the fumble, and while neither practiced well this week, Banner continued to struggle.

8:15: Adams again penetrates the backfield, splitting the gap on the inside and beating Kyle Fuller, who had a tough week. Adams continues to impress as he did all week.

9:30: Jones makes an outstanding catch down the field for a touchdown from C.J. Beathard, who wasn't great throwing deep during the week. Jones continues to win at all levels and show strong hands. A Kyle Kalis holding penalty brings the play back, surprising after a solid week of practice from Kalis.

11:35: Cooper Kupp makes Tanoh Kpassagnon miss in the backfield on a reverse. Kpassagnon looked great at weigh-ins but struggled when the pads went on.

11:45: Jerome doing a great job maintaining contain on a reverse to Reynolds, misses the tackle but recovers to force a fumble from behind. Jerome really showing up as a playmaker during the game against the run and pass, skills he displayed during a solid practice week.

12:24: Freddie Stevenson showing off his pass-catching skills and athleticism on a screen, getting away from Rivers nicely in the open field. Stevenson had an excellent practice week.

13:05: Reynolds with another nice catch away from his body on short curl. Dobbs building some momentum after a tough week.

13:43: Dobbs hits Taywan Taylor in stride on a slant for the first down, beating Desmond King inside. Taylor continues to look as smooth as he did all week.

15:00: Jordan Herdman with a great stick on Jamaal Williams after a short reception, showing off his explosiveness making plays up the field.

First Quarter

0:01: Howard makes another grab over the middle on the final play of the North drive, breaking a tackle for a nice gain and showing the same consistency he displayed all week.

0:18: Dobbs hit O.J. Howard for his second catch of the drive. Dobbs has shown nice accuracy in the short field this drive.

0:43: Dobbs leads Josh Reynolds nicely on a quick out, beating Brandon Langley to the sideline. Langley struggled in practice this week despite his length and fluidity, while Reynolds showed good hands after an inconsistent week.

1:17: John Johnson with a nice tackle on punt coverage after he was the best safety on the field during practices.

1:22: Peterman leaves a pass way behind his receiver and is having uncharacteristic struggles hitting his spots.

1:39: Michael Roberts shows good hands as he did in practice for a short four-yard grab in the flat.

2:00: Peterman shows better accuracy, hitting Amara Darboh on his outside shoulder for a first down on a curl route.

2:09: Dobbs hit on the throw by Derek Rivers, who showed his explosiveness around the edge against Justin Senior, who struggled all week. Pass was interception by Lorenzo Jerome, who showed good ball skills all week after picking off two passes at the NFLPA game.

2:17: Josh Dobbs shows off the athleticism we saw all week to get outside the pocket, but throws the ball away to the sideline.

2:50: Chad Williams with a nice grab on a curl, beats Desmond Kind to the sideline for YAC. Williams got better all week and really impressed, while King struggled at times with his movement skills and regressed as the week went on.

3:35: Matt Dayes shakes John Johnson at the second level for a sweet first-down run, showing the burst and vision he displayed all week.

3:45: Peterman with his second somewhat inaccurate pass of the drive, which Zay Jones skies to make an awesome grab on and almost gets his second foot down. Incredible effort by Jones, who was one of the best receivers this week: Surprising struggles from Peterman so far, who was the most accurate QB by far this week.

4:29: De'Veon Smith brought down by Cam Sutton, coming up with a nice tackle from the nickel spot. He's played everywhere this week and has drawn compliments from coaches for his versatility.

5:22: Duke Riley shows good pursuit skills, as he did in practice this week, to bring down Hunt around the corner.

6:00: Great run by Hunt, spinning away from Adams who penetrated the backfield nicely and showing great balance to run through tackles at his feet to the two-yard line. Hunt and Adams have both been winners during Senior Bowl week.

6:42: Kareem Hunt stopped his in tracks on a run up the middle by Montravius Adams, who had a nice week of practice. A great block by Dan Feeney opened a big hole, which was also a theme of the week.

7:24: Clement starts left, cuts back and make Rayshawn Jenkins miss at this ankles for a first-down run. Showing nice agility as he did during the week:

8:04: Nathan Peterman shows the pocket awareness he displayed this week, sliding up away from Carlos Watkins and running for the first down.

9:23: Zay Jones makes a nice grab outside his frame on a ball thrown slightly behind him -- not surprising based on Jones' excellent week of practice.

10:00: Harvey Langi pursues nicely to the outside, as he did all week against the run, stopping Kareem Hunt for a two-yard loss.

10:33: Corey Clement with a nice run off right tackle, shaking off contact on his way to a slick seven-yard run and showing the same inside rushing ability he did during practice.

10:40: Matt Dayes runs for the first down on 3rd-and-1, but Ben Gedeon forces a fumble to give the North possession, showing off the instincts and efficiency in pursuit that he did all week.

10:48: Evan Engram drops a pass up the seam on a high pass from Joshua Dobbs with Vince Biegel tight in coverage -- surprising considering how Engram caught everything this week:

11:16: Pumphrey shows nice hands to catch a play-action pass in the flat and gets chased down nicely in pursuit by Haason Reddick, who shoves him out of bounds. Reddick continues to be better than expected in coverage this week.

11:53: Pumphrey does a nice job getting skinny through the hole and is met at the second level by Obi Melifonwu, who stops the 169-pound Pumphrey in his tracks despite a high tackle. Pumphrey struggled to beat first contact during the week, while Melifonwu impressed with his movement skills working downhill.

12:30: Pumphrey gets the carry and spins away from a Nate Gerry tackle attempt for about five yards. Pumphrey continues to be tough to bring down in the open field.

13:14: Donnel Pumphrey with a punt return of about 10 yards, spinning off a tackle and showing nice balance to pick up a few extra yards before going down, showing off his ability to create yardage with the ball in his hands.

13:50: Peterman steps up and shovels a pass to Smith just before getting hit, but Smith is taken down well short of the first down. Three catches already for Smith, who impressed as a receiver this week:

14:30: Alex Anzalone reads the screen pass to Smith and shows nice closing speed to create a four-yard loss. He showed similar straight-line explosion all week in practice.

14:52: De'Veon Smith catches the swing pass from Nathan Peterman for a three-yard gain. Tyus Bowser with a nice open-field tackle after an up-and-down practice week.


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