Senior Bowl Buzz: Thursday Night

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Tony Pauline

Draft Analyst Writer

The final practice of the Senior Bowl is complete and all that’s left is the kickoff.  Here’s the latest buzz swirling around the players’ hotel.

I had two interesting conversations last night with NFC teams about watching the Senior Bowl game. One team told me it’s important to watch; the other said they may eventually get around to watching the game film of the contest.

The team who feels it’s important to watch the game made valid points about wanting to see if running backs can break tackles and wanting to see if linebackers and defensive backs can make tackles, which is justifiable since there’s not much finishing of tackles that takes place during the three days of practice.

Several teams in Mobile have taken Desmond King off the cornerback board and move him to safety, something we initially mentioned as a possibility on December 13th.

Teams are concerned about King’s speed, and ironically during the time I was having the conversation about the move to the safety board, King was torched for a long reception by Zay Jones.

I spoke with an NFL scout who formerly played with the Miami Hurricanes and asked his thoughts on Brad Kaaya turning pro. The scout did not mince words and told me Kaaya made a huge mistake entering the draft.

Most of the opinions of those I’ve spoken with here in Mobile about Kaaya's decision feel he will end up being available during the final day of the draft.

For those who follow the agent business, I’m told Dalvin Cook of Florida State is in the process of changing agents. I’m also told there will be a significant inspection into his background leading up to the draft. If Cook falls further than expected on draft day, it’s because red flags were raised.

I spoke with Carolina Panthers offensive line coach Ray Brown last night, and he was very complimentary of Troy offensive tackle Antonio Garcia.

Brown said Garcia’s hand use -- specifically the way he properly places his hands into opponents and extends to keep defenders away -- is a trait not often found in college linemen, who usually prefer to lean on opponents.

It’s a small thing that has separated Garcia from many of the blockers in attendance.