Risers & Sliders

Risers/Sliders: Week Twelve

An entertaining week twelve on the college gridiron sets us up for showdown Saturday on this holiday weekend. On the prospect front scouts are keeping close watch on a sleeper quarterback from the...

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Risers/Sliders: Week Eleven

Shake-up Saturday is the best way to describe week eleven on the college football schedule as three previously unbeaten teams went down to defeat. On the NFL prospect front the other junior...

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Risers/Sliders: Week Ten

Week ten of the college season will result in a shake-up near the top of the national rankings after Texas A&M unexpectedly lost to Mississippi State. From the perspective of NFL prospects four...

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Risers/Sliders: Week Nine

Week nine of the college season saw several close finishes and two top rated teams fall from the ranks of the unbeaten. We also witnessed three ball carriers rise up draft boards as well as an...

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Risers/Sliders: Week Eight

Week eight on the college football schedule saw a major upset at the top of the rankings, one that’s likely to effect the final four. We also saw a number of next level performances from lesser known...

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Risers/Sliders: Week Seven

Late comebacks and exciting finishes assured there were no significant changes at the top of the national rankings. On the scouting front three players from the SEC sit atop the risers column this...

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