Pro Day - Clemson

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Tony Pauline

Draft Analyst Writer

It was a rather subdued pro day at Clemson, as the luster was taken out of the workout two months ago when their three top prospects, all defensive linemen, announced they were returning to school.

The big winner today was Dorian O'Daniel. The athletic defender stood on his combine numbers and was run through linebacker and defensive back drills. He looked terrific in both, and in some cases he looked better than the Tigers defensive backs who took part in the workout.

O’Daniel, who also impressed scouts during the Senior Bowl, is looked upon as one of the better one-gap cover linebackers in the draft. There are some who feel he will end up as a second-day selection. Over the course of the day, O’Daniel met one-on-one with the Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers and Washington Redskins.

On the other hand Deon Cain, perhaps the top-rated Clemson prospect, struggled. He dropped a number of passes during the workout, including one that bounced off his hands. As stated to me several of the drops were “catches most receivers would’ve made.” Sources at Clemson told me Cain is a good athlete, but how good of a receiver he is remains a question.

Teammate Ray-Ray McCloud caught everything during the workout and looked very good. 

Former Clemson center Jay Guillermo took part in the workout and completed 37 reps on the bench press.

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