Grading the Draft: Chicago Bears

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Tony Pauline

Draft Analyst Writer

The Bears made the surprise move of the draft in the early going, moving up one spot for a quarterback. And while everyone blasted their first pick, their remaining selections also left a lot to be desired.


Mitchell Trubisky


North Carolina


Adam Shaheen




Eddie Jackson




Tarik Cohen


North Carolina A&T


Jordan Morgan



UDFA Signings: Dieugot Joseph, OT, Florida International; Joel Bouganon, RB, Northern Illinois; Tanner Gentry, WR, Wyoming; Franko House, Athlete, Ball State; Freddie Stevenson, FB, Florida State; Rashaad Coward, DT, Old Dominion; Jhajuan Seales, WR, Oklahoma State; Mitchell Kirsch, OL, James Madison; DeSean Smith, TE, LSU; Andy Phillips, K, Utah  Links Lead to Player Scouting Reports

I'll try not to beat a dead horse with the Trubisky selection, as most everyone has already picked it apart. What startles me the most is the fleecing the Bears took from the Niners to move down one spot. The Bears gave up third- and fourth-round picks in this year's draft as well as a third -round selection in 2018 for the right to swap choices with San Francisco. Factor in the free agent contract they handed Mike Glennon and this entire process by the Bears is just head-scratching. If Trubisky pans out the gamble was worth it, but there's now huge pressure not only on Trubisky but also the front office.

Tight end Adam Sheehan was moving up draft boards but was still selected at least a round earlier than his draft grade warranted. Sheehan offers terrific size, pass-catching skills and intensity, but he's a 4.8 tight end who would've been available in the third round.

Eddie Jackson in the fourth round is a risky selection considering he fractured his leg late last October. Jackson is a solid safety with decent range and ball skills when healthy.

Tarik Cohen was another reach in our opinion. He's a situational running back who measures 5-foot-6 and has next-level limitations.

Fifth-round selection Jordan Morgan is an athletic prospect with a nice upside but is a small-school blocker who'll need a lot of coaching.

I thought the Bears did a good job signing receivers after the draft. Tanner Gentry is a tough, sure-handed wide out with marginal vertical speed. Jhajuan Seales comes with great measurables and upside potential, but his game lacks consistency. Defensive tackle Rashaad Coward is super quick on the inside and takes up a lot of space. He could be a big steal. Fullback Freddie Stevenson is another that could be a keeper.

Analysis: The 2017 NFL Draft started with a questionable move by the Chicago Bears then only got worse. Ultimately this draft will be judged by the career of Mitch Trubisky. I thought the Bears did a better job signing players after the draft than selecting them during the seven rounds. Grade: D