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Tuesday Draft Notes –- Senior Bowl Finale

Short and sweet is the motto for this edition of Tuesday Draft Notes, as there is a bit of buzz swirling after a hectic week in Mobile, Alabama. Tonight we’ll cover everything from Senior Bowl...

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Tuesday Draft Notes -- 16.0

Underclassmen wanting to enter the draft have just six days left to petition the league, and we have yet to hear from the big names at Clemson. So what gives? We'll also hit on the latest...

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Tuesday Draft Notes -- 15.0

With just the national title game remaining on the college football schedule, it’s time to revert back to our Tuesday draft notes. We start with rumors on the underclassman...

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Tuesday Draft Notes -- 14.0

Short and sweet for this week’s version of Tuesday Draft Notes, which includes information on a pair of receivers as well as one small-school offensive tackle working his way up draft boards....

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Tuesday Draft Notes -- 13.0

Several big-name underclassmen have announced they are entering the draft and won’t participate in their team’s bowl games. Meanwhile a few next-level decisions continue to hinge on...

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Tuesday Draft Notes -- 12.0

The Thanksgiving weekend saw a number of college coaches fired, while others moved in to take open spots. Will this effect underclassman decisions? The answer is a resounding yes. Here’s the latest...

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