The Draft Analysts Podcast, Episode 45: More on Kyler Murray and Day 3 of Workouts

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Chris Tripodi

Draft Analyst Writer

On episode No. 45 of The Draft Analysts, Chris Tripodi and Tony Pauline flesh out the rumors connecting Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals at No. 1 overall and how they affect second-year quarterback Josh Rosen, expand on Friday’s discussion of the combine potentially leaving Indianapolis and pass along news on a pair of Tigers — an injury update on Missouri wide receiver Emanuel Hall and reports of Clemson defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence leaving a positive impression on teams in interviews. The duo breaks down Sunday’s on-field workouts from the defensive ends and linebackers and previews the final day of workouts Monday with a look at what to expect from the defensive backs.

Included in this week's podcast:

- More on Kyler Murray to Arizona and what the Cardinals think of Josh Rosen

- How soon could the combine leave Indianapolis?

- How serious is Emanuel Hall's injury?

- Dexter Lawrence winning over teams in interviews

- Who impressed in Sunday's on-field workouts?