DA Draft Buzz: Notes for Day 3

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Tony Pauline

Draft Analyst Writer

The start of the draft’s final day is upon us, and once complete the frenzy of signing undrafted free agents begins!

Have you ever wondered how teams sign so many UDFAs almost the minute the draft has ended?

It's simple -- the deals were worked out earlier this week and many of them are done.

I spoke with more than a dozen agents through Wednesday of last week, and most told me they had deals in the works for players they represent that may end up undrafted.

In some instances agents use the leverage of the deals in hand to get even more for their players. In other instances they use the deals to get the player drafted, telling the team on the other side of the phone, “If you want him you’re going to have to draft him.”

Two highly rated offensive linemen, Antonio Garcia and Dorian Johnson, slid further in the draft than most expected.

Garcia was taken in the third round by the New England Patriots. Johnson is still on the board. So what gives?

After watching Garcia at the Senior Bowl, teams came away believing he’ll need a significant amount of time before he’ll be NFL-ready.

Immediately after returning from Mobile, I mentioned Garcia looked a little unsure of himself. Scouts I spoke with got straight to the point and said he “looked like a deer in headlights” during the week. Garcia offers great upside and is now with the right organization to harness his talent but will need time.

Last week I was informed Johnson, who we rated as a potential second-round choice but carried the dreaded “M” next to his grade for medical concerns, was not cleared medically by a number of teams.

I am not privy to the reason why he wasn’t cleared. Let’s see where Johnson’s slide ends.